About Us

ARTJS Foundation is a Premier Skill Development Training & Employment Provider with over 8 Years of Experience in Providing High Quality Vocational Training, Education & Charity to Unemployed Youth, Underprivileged Candidates, SC, ST, OBC Candidates, Minority Candidates, Below Poverty Line (BPL) Candidates, Women/ Girls of Self Help Groups ( SHG) & Entrepreneurs.

We have Partnered with Several Government Organizations Like Govt. of Karnataka, Govt. of Andhra Pradesh, Govt. of Telangana, Govt. of Rajasthan, Govt. of Gujarat, Govt. of Odisha & NI- MSME, Ministry of Textiles, Ministry of Minority Affairs, Ministry of Rural Development of Govt. of India and Completed the Skill Development Training For 38,116 Candidates and Provide the Employment / Employment Opportunity / Self Employment for 30,082 Candidates (79%) as on September 2015.


Sustained elimination of poverty of underprivileged Rural & Urban Youth, with a focus on remote areas.



Employment/employability enhancement of

  1. Unemployed Youth
  2. Underprivileged Candidates
  3. SC, ST, OBC Candidates
  4. Minority Candidates
  5. Below Poverty Line ( BPL) candidates
  6. Self Help Groups ( SHG)
  7. Entrepreneurs

Candidates through market-driven Skill Development training

Institution Where the Beneficiaries Placed